Strep Throat Panel

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Strep Throat Panel


Test Description

Strep Throat Test
Streptococcus Group A Rapid Antigen with Reflex to Culture

What is Step Throat?
It is a condition characterized by pain and burning sensation in the throat, difficulty in swallowing, fever, and musculoskeletal pain lasting for more than one week. Almost every single individual can undergo a throat infection once in his life. Still, in every case, it is not a streptococcal infection usually; a virus causes the disease that settles on its own in less than a week and that doesn't need any treatment. If you think that you are suffering from a streptococcal infection, you are in the right place to be diagnosed promptly; we offer a panel of tests to help you in the accurate diagnosis of this infection.

Strep Throat Panel Test
This test is usually performed to check whether streptococcus bacteria or some other virus has caused the sore throat. Usually, it is performed in such patients where it is a suspicion of streptococcus bacterial infection. We typically take a swab and touch the swab on your throat to take the sample.

This test is performed in two ways, by rapid antigen testing and by doing the specimen's Culture. In Rapid, Antigen testing results come in about 20 minutes. Moreover, when it comes to diagnosing the pathology right, the confirmatory test is always Culture.

When to Order a Strep Throat Test?
According to the WHO Guidelines, it should be ordered in every subject with high-grade fever for more than a week with redness in the throat. Moreover, there are some other conditions in which it should be ordered at every cost. These include,

  1. High-Grade Fever
  2. Redness over the tonsils and in the throat
  3. Repeated Episodes of Myalgias, Body Aches, and Headache
  4. Lymphadenopathy
  5. Generalized rash throughout the body
  6. Spots on the throat
  7. Difficulty in swallowing
  8. Extremely Painful Throat

How to interpret the results
If the Rapid Antigen test is positive, the person is suffering from the streptococcus infection. Treatment should be started straightway in this case.
If the Rapid Antigen Test is negative, this does not rule out streptococcus infection; Culture should be ordered straightway.