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    The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP 14) is an often ordered panel of 14 tests that gives healthcare providers vital info about the current status of your metabolism. It checks the health of your liver, kidneys, electrolyte and acid-base balance, as well as your blood proteins and blood sugar. Abnormal results and the particular combination of […]


    Iron Total (a total iron-binding capacity or TIBC) is a blood test that determines whether there is too little or too much iron in the bloodstream. Iron is a form of mineral found in all cells of the body. You get the iron from your food such as leafy vegetables, beans, eggs, whole grains, seafood, […]


    Iron, TIBC & Ferritin panel will help detect an iron deficiency or iron overload. It also measures the body’s total iron storage capacity of the body as well as evaluates the ability of the body to transport iron the blood. Iron plays various important roles in the body. It helps to form hemoglobin found in […]