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    The CRP test is recommended to identify the presence of inflammation. It also monitors the response of the person towards the treatment of inflammatory disorders. Purpose of Testing: The C – reactive protein (CRP) test evaluates the amount of CRP in the body. This protein is made by the liver, and as its level increases […]


    A Complete Blood Count or CBC test is used for screening of certain disorders that affect your health. It calculates the information about the numbers and kinds of blood cells present in the blood, including WBC, RBC, and platelets. Why is CBC recommended? Your doctor or healthcare expert might order the CBC test as a […]


    The Comprehensive Metabolic Panel (CMP 14) is an often ordered panel of 14 tests that gives healthcare providers vital info about the current status of your metabolism. It checks the health of your liver, kidneys, electrolyte and acid-base balance, as well as your blood proteins and blood sugar. Abnormal results and the particular combination of […]


    The DHEA-S Blood Test is done to determine the adrenal gland function. Also known as Dehydroepiandrosterone Sulfate, this test needs no preparation, and a sample of blood is drawn from the body. Description: The DHEA-S test will help the healthcare provider to evaluate whether the adrenal glands are working properly or not. It detects adrenal […]


    Hepatitis C or HCV is a virus that causes a liver infection that is characterized by liver damage and inflammation. Hepatitis C tests are a collection of tests that are done to detect, diagnose or monitor the treatment of this viral infection. The most common HCV tests find antibodies in the blood produced in response […]


    Iron Total (a total iron-binding capacity or TIBC) is a blood test that determines whether there is too little or too much iron in the bloodstream. Iron is a form of mineral found in all cells of the body. You get the iron from your food such as leafy vegetables, beans, eggs, whole grains, seafood, […]


    Iron, TIBC & Ferritin panel will help detect an iron deficiency or iron overload. It also measures the body’s total iron storage capacity of the body as well as evaluates the ability of the body to transport iron the blood. Iron plays various important roles in the body. It helps to form hemoglobin found in […]


    The Magnesium Blood Test is the Gold Standard of blood test that is used to evaluate magnesium deficiency. It also tells if there is an abnormal level of magnesium, calcium, or potassium in the body. Reasons to Get Tested: Magnesium is vital for the human body for muscle contraction, nerve function, maintenance of strong bones, […]


    A thyroid panel is a collection of tests that may be together ordered to help assess thyroid gland function and diagnose thyroid disorders. The thyroid panel incorporates the tests that determine the number of thyroid hormones in the blood. These thyroid hormones are chemical substances that travel via the blood and regular or control the […]


    Vitamin B12 is a vital vitamin for various bodily functions such as blood cell production, brain health, and proper functioning of the nerve. The vitamin B12 test will check levels of your: Overall vitamin B12 Homocysteine holotranscobalamin (holoTC) methylmalonic acid (MMA) Low B12 levels can result in permanent nerve damage, memory loss, temporary infertility in […]


    The Vitamin D test, also called Vitamin D 1,25 Dihydroxy Blood Test, is done to investigate a problem related to bone metabolism or parathyroid function. It is often caused by Vitamin D deficiency or malabsorption. Vitamin D 25-Dihydroxy test measure whether there is an active form of Vitamin D is produced in the liver and […]