Lyme Disease Panel

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Lyme Disease Panel


Test Description

What is included in the Lyme Disease Panel?
Lyme Disease Antibodies (IgG, IgM), Immunoblot

The Lyme disease test, also called the borrelia infection test, detects the antibodies produced in our body in response to the Borrelia infection, also called Lyme disease. After the proper interpretations of the results, we can also conclude the time of infection. The bacterium is transmitted through the bite of an insect, and it results in multiple organ damage. We usually draw blood or CSF samples to perform this test. There are no specific preparations to be done before the test.
We usually perform two methods to diagnose the pathology and then confirm it. We first perform Enzyme Immunoassays to detect antibodies' presence, and then this finding is confirmed by the western blot method.

What is Lyme
Lyme disease is an infection caused by a bacterium called Borrelia Burgdorferi. This bacterium is transmitted to humans after the bite of a tick. Many people don't experience its consequences at once, but later, they can develop tender swelling in the body, rash on the body, fever, joint pain, sleep disturbances, and sleep disturbances. It should be treated as soon as possible after proper diagnosis. Carelessness in this can lead to disseminating the disease into the brain, muscle, and other vital organs. If you have any ambiguity that a tick bites you and you start experiencing similar symptoms, or your health care practitioner asked you that you are at risk of developing this ailment, then make sure you get the test done at the earliest. Our Lab offers Lyme disease panel testing services that can help you properly diagnose the test.

When to Order the Borrelia Infection Test?
According to American Guidelines, it is recommended that it should be ordered in every individual with a history of a tick bite. Moreover, there are some special conditions in which it should be ordered at every cost.

  1. When you see a characteristic bull eye rash that spreads from the site of bite of the tick
  2. When you observe multiple swollen lymph nodes present in the body
  3. When you feel severe pain in the head
  4. When there is a history of high-grade fever and myalgias
  5. When you have such severe pain, the joints that keep the patient immobile

How to Read the Lyme Disease Panel Results?
  • If both the IgG and IgM antibodies are positive and western blot, they are most likely suffering from Lyme Disease.
  • If only IgM is positive, the rest two are negative. This means that patients most probably suffer from an acute infection, or this is a false result.
  • If a patient has only IgG positive, the patient was infected with this virus in recent years.
  • If both the antibodies IgG. IgM and western blot is absent; then, there is no infection present in the body.