Immunization Blood Test Panel

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Immunization Blood Test Panel


Test Description

What is Immunization Blood Test?
These tests are performed to check the immunization status of an individual. Antibodies are produced in the body after the immunization of an individual against a certain pathology. These tests measure these antibodies so that timely passive immunization can be done.

Immunization Blood Test Panel
We are offering the following blood tests in this panel;

  • Hepatitis B Surface Antibody immunity, Quantitative
  • MMR Panel IgG (Mumps, Measles, Rubella)
  • Varicella-Zoster Virus Antibody IGg

Hepatitis B Surface Antibody immunity, Quantitative
It is used to check the immunity status of an individual against the hepatitis B virus. The presence of antibodies indicates either a person is immune to hepatitis B or gets a recent passive immunity in the form of a vaccine. Blood Samples are required to perform this test

MMR Panel IGg (Mumps, Measles, Rubella)
The MMR blood test is used to check the immunity status of an individual against Mumps, Measles, and Rubella. A blood sample is required to perform this test. The presence of certain antibodies provides us with information on whether this individual is immune or Vaccinated.

Varicella-Zoster Virus Antibody IGg
The Varicella titer test is performed to check your recent exposure or immunity against the Varicella Zoster virus which causes Chicken Pox in an individual. We do measure the IGg antibodies in blood to predict the status of an individual

Why should you Take these Blood Tests for Immunity?
These tests should be performed to keep a check on the immunity status as if the person gets MMR and VZ once in life, one cannot get it again so it's easier to rule out the disease during an outbreak.
Similarly, the Hepatitis B Surface antibody test is also performed to check the immunity status of an individual against this virus.

Signs & Symptoms of MMR
  • For Measles, it is congestion, cough, fever, rash
  • For Mumps it is fever and swollen parotid
  • For Rubella it is fever, headache, discomfort, enlarged lymph nodes
Signs & Symptoms of VZ
It includes fever, sore throat, and a typical rash

Signs & Symptoms of Hepatitis B Surface Antibody
The individuals need to get themselves tested who have exposure to this certain virus. They include sex with an infected individual, drug abuse, living in an area where it is common and people living in prison

How to Read the Results of the Following Tests
Hepatitis B Surface Antibody Test
  • If the result is less than 5mlU/ml, this means the patient is either negative or not immune to the virus.
  • If the result ranges from 5mlU/ml to12mlU/ml this means we are not able to comment on the results
  • If it is above 12mlU/ml, this means the patient is immune to this virus.
VZ antibody test
  • If the person is vaccinated: positive (> or =1.1 AI)
  • If the person is unvaccinated: negative (< or =0.8 AI)
MMR IGg Antibody
  • 0.8 AI or less: Negative
  • 0.8 -1.1 requires repeat
  • Above 1.1 means you are immune

Special Instructions
No Special instructions just avoid doing exercise prior to sampling so that it should be taken in a resting state.