Hepatitis B Surface Antigen with Reflex Confirmation

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Hepatitis B Surface Antigen with Reflex Confirmation


Test Description

Hepatitis B Surface Antigen test is based on protein antigen produced by the Hepatitis B virus. The hepatitis b test is performed to detect acute Hepatitis B in the early stages. Also called HBsAg, this virus traces disappear from the blood during the recovery period. However, the people who are infected with chronic infection or diseases which compromise the immune system, HBV, or HBsAg will remain active. With the help of this HBsAg blood test, healthcare providers can identify the infection in the body before the symptoms appear.

What is Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test?
The Hepatitis B Surface Antigen with reflex confirmation is a test to look for the hepatitis surface antigens in your body. It can even detect if you've had a recent or long-standing infection from the HBV.
The HBV infection has proteins called antigens on the surface. This makes the immune system active and results in the creation of antibodies. The Hepatitis B Surface Antigens can be detected in the blood within several weeks as the infection starts. These antigens are the earliest signs of the Hepatitis B infection.

It is among one of the five hepatitis viruses. It spreads through blood, vaginal secretions, and seminal fluids. It will take several months for the infection to cause symptoms after you get infected. The virus can cause a severe infection in the liver. In many cases, the infection is cleared automatically within six months. However, in some cases, both children and adults, the virus doesn't go away at all. The most common cases are with newborns who haven’t developed full immunity. Once they get infected, it can damage the liver cells and lead to scarring, cirrhosis, or liver cancer.
Hence, getting tested for Hepatitis B Surface Antigens with Reflex Confirmation can help detect acute infection early.

Why do you need the HBsAg blood test?
The Hepatitis B Surface Antigen with Reflex Confirmation test is recommended by the healthcare provider if they suspect that you have a liver infection. The symptoms usually start slow, and people report having a case of mild flu. In some cases, the infected person might not exhibit any symptoms until the condition gets chronic or severe.
The common symptoms of this infection are extreme tiredness. Other symptoms include:

  • Nausea
  • Loss of appetite
  • Muscle Aches
  • Jaundice or yellow eyes and skin
  • Fever
  • Dark-colored urine
  • Belly (abdominal) pain
  • Swelling and confusion
You can contract the virus through many ways such as through mother, blood transfusion, sexual intercourse, etc.

What do the test results mean?
The test is performed with a blood sample. And the results come up as:
  • Negative or Nonreactive means that there is no Hepatitis B surface Antigen is found.
  • Positive means the virus is active
If you have this virus, you will recover within six months. And after you recover, your body will develop immunity against the virus, and it won’t get passed to others.
But if you don’t recover in 6 months, the virus will stay in the blood and cause liver problems. And you can infect others.

Testing Information

Aternate Name: Australian Antigen, HBsAg, Auszyme

Test Instructions: Please do not exercise prior to testing. It is best that your blood is taken in a rested state.

Fasting: No

Methodology: Immunoassay (IA)

Results In: 2

Note: Turn around times on results are an estimate and are not guaranteed. The lab may need additional time due to holidays, confirmation/repeat testing, etc. You can contact us to discuss when your results should be ready and we will contact the lab on your behalf immediately.

Reflex: If this test receives a positive result then a confirmatory test/reflex will be carried out automatically.