Hemarroids Panel

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Hemarroids Panel


Test Description

Hemorrhoids Panel

What are haemorrhoids?
Hemorrhoids are the swollen veins in our anal canal, which bleeds off and on, burning at the anus. Normally, when the veins' pressure is normal, they are asymptomatic, but at times, due to liver disorders and some underlying pathologies, they become symptomatic and start bleeding. It is essential to diagnose the cause of bleeding from the rectum because almost every tenth person with bleeding from the anus is a malignancy patient. If you are a patient of hemorrhoids, it's crucial to undergo a series of tests to reach a specific diagnosis.
We are offering a series of tests in our Hemorrhoids panel testing services. These can rule out the root cause of bleeding per rectum. Moreover, every senior citizen of our country needs to have these tests every three months because, in ninety-nine percent of cases in people over 55, the cause is colon carcinoma. If unfortunately, you have bleeding per rectum, there is nothing to be overly concerned about.

We perform the following tests in the Hemorrhoids panel

  1. Fecal Globin by Immunochemistry (InSure®)
  2. Serum ferritin
  3. Serum Hemoglobin

Fecal Globin by Immunochemistry (InSure®)
It is also called a fecal occult blood test. It quantitatively detects the level of hidden(occult) blood in our stools. Any Pathology in our lower gastrointestinal tract, which results in blood loss in the stool, can be easily detected with this test. These days it is widely used as a diagnostic and screening purpose for our routine examination. Many hidden pathologies like diverticula, polyps, and malignancies can easily be screened and diagnosed by this test. We usually need a stool sample to perform this test. Moreover, there are no special preparations to be done before this test.

Serum Ferritin
Serum ferritin is the stored iron present in our body. Usually, the blood present in our body contains the necessary iron. The excess iron is stored in our body in the form of ferritin. The more the ferritin, the less are the chances that we are losing the blood somewhere. This is why we are offering serum ferritin because we want to check whether the patent is losing blood.

Serum Hemoglobin
Serum Hemoglobin can help us know about the status of any occult bleeding from the body.Any person who have hemorrhoids can be diagnosed by keeping a check on the level of serum hemoglobin.It is usually decreased in the people who suffer from hemorrhoids.

Who Should Take the Hemarroids Test
According to the recent guidelines by WHO, every person between 35-55 years should test him/herself every three months. Moreover, apart from this following people should undergo the testing on an urgent basis
1. Pale people
2. People who have pain in the abdomen for more than three months
3. People who have seen any blood in the stool
4. People with altered bowel habits
5. People having a family history of malignancies
6. It is advisable for children and old age people because parasitic infections can result in occult blood.

How to read the results
It is either positive or negative.
The positive results mean you are losing blood somewhere in the intestine. It can be due to hemorrhoids, ulcers, diverticuli, or cancers associated with the intestine. Moreover, the definitive diagnosis is made after further assessment and investigation are done.
The Negative Results means that there is no hidden blood in the stool. You are not supposed to worry about this in this case.

Serum Ferritin
Who should order this test
According to the American Heart Association, this test should be ordered in every subject whose Red Blood Cells are less than normal. Moreover, there are some other conditions in which this test should be ordered at every cost. These include
1. Patients who feel excessive tiredness 2. Patients who feel breathless after climbing a few stairs 3. People who have frequent headaches 4. People who have pale skin 5. People who lost their ability to sex 6. People who experience weight loss 7. People who have joint pain and cardiovascular complications should also be considered. 8. People who have a family history of Colon cancer 9. Children's who used to do excessive itching at anus because parasitic infestations can result in low iron level

How to read the results
The reference range of ferritin is 20-250ng/mL.
A low level of ferritin, according to the reference range, is associated with anemia. This means that we are losing blood somewhere.
According to the reference range, a high ferritin level is associated with iron deposition ailments like hemochromatosis.
Its normal level can be associated with iron poisoning.
A high level can be associated with hemolytic and sideroblastic anemia. Because these conditions are linked to high iron levels, and these are stored in the body as ferritin