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Test Description

Blood Glucose Test
Blood glucose test can check the level of Blood glucose. It is crucial to keep a check on blood glucose level as glucose plays its part as a fuel for the body. One can imagine its importance by the fact that the sole nourishment to the brain is provided by glucose. An individual needs to monitor its level as it is associated with various pathologies like diabetes Mellitus and Hypoglycemia States. Timely Diagnosis and treatment help us to prevent devastating outcomes in the form of gangrenes, nephropathies, neuropathies, atherosclerosis, and sudden death in hypoglycemic states.

We can measure the blood sugar level in the following ways

  • Fasting Blood Sugar level is done after the fast of at least 8 hours. It is done mostly in the morning. It tells us about the status of blood glucose after an overnight fast
  • Random Blood Sugar level is done two hours after the meal. It tells us about the level of blood glucose two hours after the last meal
  • Glycosylated Hemoglobin level is done at any time of the day. It tells us about the three-month glucose status of the body. It is the most accurate and authentic test done in our setting
Who Should Take the Glucose Test?
Diabetes is the third most common silent killer that should be diagnosed as early as possible. We should get yourself tested off and on to keep a check on our glucose level. Moreover, if you have the following symptoms don't hesitate to get yourself tested. These are
  1. If you are feeling weak and lethargic
  2. If you feel any numbness in the body
  3. If you have frequent urination
  4. If you have a vision problem
  5. If you feel cool peripheries
  6. If you have more cravings for food.
Immediately get yourself tested if you have any of the above listed symptoms

How to Interpret results
Fasting Blood Sugar
  • Level below 100mg/dl is normal
  • Level between 100-126mg/dl is prediabetic
  • Level above 126mg/dl is diabetic
Random Blood Sugar
  • Below 200mg/dl its normal
  • Above 200mg/dl is diabetic
Glycosylated Hemoglobin HbA1C
  • Between 5.7 - 6.3, you are prediabetic
  • Above 6.3 you are diabetic
Other Names for Glycosylated Hemoglobin Testing are HbA1C.

Special Instructions
Random Blood Sugar level should be done two hours after the last meal.
Fasting blood sugar should be done seven to eight hours after the last meal.
Avoid exercise before sampling to avoid the alteration in results.