General Wellness

Take care of your health

Whatever we do in our life is related to our wellbeing. If a person is not well there is no charm remaining in his/ her life. We can call someone well if he is free from any ailment or disease and he is physically, socially, and mentally well oriented in time and space.

A person needs to be well because without it he can’t enjoy his/ her daily chores. It is very difficult for him/ her to cherish life according to needs. To eradicate the anxiety from life, to remain disease-free and have positive interactions in our life wellness is the one that matters a lot.

Wellness is a vast term that involves different aspects, all of which are important to keep the body working. It may be mental, social, psychological, physical, and spiritual also.

Now what can one do if he is not well or he is losing interest in his life? Because if one system of the body is not working well, it can affect the other one, and eventually a mess is created.

If you are not feeling well, maybe any of the systems in your body is not working well. Like the working of all organs in harmony is very crucial.

Symptoms of not being well

If you are feeling fatigued all the time, maybe your cell count is not up to the mark and you are anemic. Fatigue has other causes too. Maybe your thyroid is not producing the required amount of hormone to stabilize your body. Or it can be because of low calcium levels in the body.(Dishman et al. 2010; “Peer Review #2 of ‘Patient-Reported Fatigue in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Who Commence Biologic Therapy: A Longitudinal Study (v0.1)’” 2019)

About Ninety percent of women in our community are deficient of calcium and in the long term they suffer from bone fractures and other metabolic consequences.(Koevska, n.d.)

If you are feeling thirsty all the time or experiencing general weakness or increased frequency of urination at night, Maybe you are a silent diabetic and you need to check your glucose level as soon as possible. Because it is a silent killer in our body and its level should be maintained at a normal limit to live a healthy life.

The liver and kidney are one of the prime organs in our body. Their function is coordinated in our bodies. If you are feeling pain in the loin or noticing less urine frequency and blood in urine may be your kidney is not working properly and you need a workup. Like the kidney, many viruses directly attack our liver and they remain asymptomatic for years. They eventually result in fluid production in our body and edema occur. So timely liver function tests help us to cope with these issues and live a healthy life.

Fever is a sign of infection in our body and we cannot live a happy life or do our daily chores if we have a fever. Life seems a burden with fever and it has deleterious effects in the long term because it must be ruled out as soon as possible. Do have your white blood cell count as soon as possible to know the cause of fever.

If your bleeding does not stop in time maybe you have a bleeding disorder or your platelet count does not fall in an optimal range. So do check your platelet level as soon as possible because it may result in internal bleeding and death of a person.

All the electrolytes play a pivotal role to stabilize our bodies. Their deficiency may result in disharmony in our body and we don’t feel well. Do check your sodium level, potassium level, and chloride level if you feel that your electrolytes are not at an optimal level.

If you have continuous itching on your skin or your skin color turns yellow maybe you are suffering from jaundice due to an underlying cause. And the best way to rule out the cause is to check your bilirubin level as soon as possible so we can rule out the cause.

Stroke, MI is the leading cause of death these days and the cause is simple that is atherosclerotic plaques. So do check your lipid profile regularly to be aware of your lipid levels.

We are offering the following tests:

Complete Lipid profile which include LDL, HDL, Cholesterol, Triglycerides,

Complete Thyroid profile which includes T3, T4, TSH, and free T4.

Complete Blood profile which includes CBC, RFTS, LFTs Calcium, bilirubin, proteins, and glucose.

Complete Metabolic profile which includes PH, CO2 level, serum electrolytes like sodium-potassium.

There is no need to do all the tests. Do consult your health care practitioner if you are feeling unwell or having the symptoms mentioned above. Your doctor will mark the tests you need according to your symptoms and do the tests done as soon as possible. Early diagnosis of the cause not only prevents you from some serious results but also sets you disease-free.

To earn the trust of our patients and doctors is our foremost priority from day one. we do exist to serve you because we care for your health. We are there to serve you with the best of laboratory tests. Our State of art laboratory services will ensure the early screening and diagnosis of your ailment. Contact us for the accurate results, affordability, and quality, things on which we never compromise.

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“Peer Review #2 of ‘Patient-Reported Fatigue in Patients with Rheumatoid Arthritis Who Commence Biologic Therapy: A Longitudinal Study (v0.1).’” 2019.