Fecal Globin by Immunochemistry (InSure®)

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Fecal Globin by Immunochemistry (InSure®)


Test Description

Fecal Globin by Immunochemistry (InSure™)

It is also called a fecal occult blood test. It quantitatively detects the level of hidden(occult) blood in our stools. Any Pathology in our lower gastrointestinal tract, which results in blood loss in the stool, can be easily detected with this test. These days it is widely used as a diagnostic and screening purpose for our routine examination. Many hidden pathologies like diverticula, polyps, and malignancies can easily be screened and diagnosed by this test. We usually need a stool sample to perform this test. Moreover, there are no special preparations to be done before this test.

Who Should Take the Fecal Occult Blood Test?
According to the recent guidelines by WHO, every person between 35-55 years should test him/herself every three months. Moreover, apart from this following people should undergo the testing on an urgent basis

  • Pale people
  • People who have pain in the abdomen for more than three months
  • People who have seen any blood in the stool
  • People with altered bowel habits
  • People having a family history of malignancies

How to Read the Occult Blood Test Results?
It is either positive or negative.
The positive results mean you are losing blood somewhere in the intestine. It can be due to hemorrhoids, ulcers, diverticuli, or cancers associated with the intestine. Moreover, the definitive diagnosis is made after further assessment and investigation are done.
The Negative Results means that there is no hidden blood in the stool. You are not supposed to worry about in this case.