Apolipoprotein B

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Apolipoprotein B


Test Description

Apolipoprotein B Test
It is a test used to measure the level of Apolipoprotein B in the blood. This protein is associated with Low-Density Lipoprotein Particles. LDL is bad cholesterol and its high levels are hazardous for our life. Increased level of Apolipoprotein B is associated with an increased level of LDL and Its low level is associated with a low LDL level. The More the level of LDL, the more are the chances of cardiovascular events. Hence it is very much important for an individual to keep a regular check on the level of this protein.
Why this test is carried out
Cardiovascular accidents are the second most common cause of death in the United States of America. An individual needs to keep a check on his lipid status to prevent long term devastating consequences. Apart from this, you should get tested if

  1. You have a family history of Cardiovascular accidents
  2. If you have crossed 40 years
  3. If you have deranged cholesterol level
  4. If your healthcare professional wants to check the effectiveness of anti-lipid drugs
  5. If you want to assess the risk of CVA
  6. Any weakness in the body either generalized or focal
  7. Pain and heaviness in the chest.
No age limit is needed. One can get itself tested at any age.
How to Interpret the results
Its level is normal if below 130 mg/dL (1.3 g/L). High level indicates the increased risk of atherosclerosis, Cerebral, and cardiovascular events. This test is performed by drawing a sample of blood from your Vein and the results will be available within a day or two.
Special Instructions
As such no special instructions are needed but one can do a fast of at least 8 hours to get accurate results as this test is carried out with Lipid Profile Tests